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pro-gaming_upwork-1(darkest)ProGamingKit was founded for one reason: to provide the very best gaming accessories and peripherals to gamers around the world.

If it can help you win, you’ll find it here. You won’t see anything on our site that we haven’t personally gamed with. Every product is hand-selected and listed for sale only when we’d be happy to use it ourselves.

In gaming we know that every second counts, and that’s why you need to make sure your equipment isn’t going to let you down. With this in mind we’ve developed an elite-grade range of PRO accessories. Every PRO product has been carefully designed to perform to the very highest level of gaming. We hope you love using them as much as we loved creating them.



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We sell a range of gaming peripherals and accessories, across all formats of gaming: from PC to Xbox One, from PS4 to the Wii.

We also design and sell a range of PRO gaming accessories, all focussed on squeezing every last pixel of performance out of your game.

If it will help you win, you’ll find it here.


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